Comfort, Design, Ecology


All our beds have electric controls, which allow you to tilt the bed, in the headboard and feet to give you more comfort and better relaxation.


Our mattresses are of absolute quality, ergonomic, antiallergic, with 25 patents international, produced by a historical leading company in Turin, and worldwide.
Everything to offer you the greatest comfort and wellness.


The walls of the rooms have been treated with Airlite, an absolutely new painting and revolutionary, which reduces by 88% atmospheric pollution eliminates 99% of
bacteria, impurities, dirt and mildew, and optimizes 50% brightness of the room.

A welcoming smile followed by the information what you need to know the city, in a way in which you will live an unforgettable vacation.

The highest refinement for the highest rest


The perfect combination of Comfort, Design and Ecology, are the mainstay of TRNAPT’s design.
Turin is a city to discover, with charming and exclusive places full of history and charm.
After a day, full of emotions and pleasant feelings, when you return, you will find all the comfort so you can enjoy a well-deserved rest.


A regenerative rest

For our beds, we have chosen absolute mattresses, ergonomic and antiallergic with 25 international patents, produced by a historic and prestigious Turin company, Altrenotti, a leading international world, to give you the best of comfort and well-being.


A unique and sophisticated atmosphere

TRNAPT, combines the comfort of its rooms, the pleasure of staying in a sparkling environment, created by Turin artists already established in Italy and abroad.


Take a deep breath, Loca’s walls are painted with Airlite.

100% natural
Reduces air pollution by up to 88.8%
Eliminates 99.95 of bacteria
Reduces dust and dirt
Neutralizes odors
Eliminates and prevents fungi

In short, it’s good for your health!